Maine Lvrs Cthulu of Sun O'er Sea

Introducing our loving king, CH Maine Lvrs Cthulu of Sun O'er Sea, who championed in Fall 2017 in CFA Region 4. We would like to thank our wonderful mentor and dear friend, Michelle Chaffee of Maine Lvrs for this sweet boy! Cthulu is a rambunctious, intelligent boy who loves to play and cuddle. He's excellent with children, dogs, and cats. He also loves to travel and take Friday outings to our friend's store where he sits in the buggy and tells us which new toys he'd like to purchase. Our community adores him and he's very bonded with us.

Sun O'er Sea Maine Coons

More pictures? View Cthulu's slideshow below:

CH Maine Lvrs Cthulu of Sun O'er Sea

Our boy is so friendly. We describe him as fearless and brave (in a good way). He is whip smart and very playful. He just loves people and is the first one to greet company in our home.

We greatly enjoyed raising him through kittenhood and anticipate his kittens in spring 2018.