Mother Nature can be a cruel mistress; the following are special needs babies and are significantly discounted ​to appropriate families.

July 9, 2023

Sun O'er Sea's Ithaqua aka Charlie or  Charlemagne, is our stud from GC Majestic Luv's Mike (Big Mike) & Majestic Luv's Sedna of Sun O'er Sea. 

Nyneve and Charlie had five fallbabies,which will be ready on September 7, 2023. This litter has female kittens under breeder evaluation.

Charlie and Masika had six fall babies born on July 2, 2023; they will be ready  September 25, 2023. This litter has female kittens under breeder evaluation.

A sneak peak of Neville, Ron, Hermione, Minerva, and Ginny.

These babies should be ready around Halloween; stay tuned for our last fall litter:winter (late November 2023 babies)!


A  true mystery... his or her sex eludes us. Gorgeous brown tabby, originally sexed as a girl, and now we're thinking she might be a he.

Very expressive, very curious, LOVES to play.



This boy has a wonderful personality and is a charmer. He is wonderful and committed to his person/siblings; he looks after everyone.

My dear cousin wished to keep him, but we can't keep them all and we have plenty of boys. 

Highly recommended for a family with children and an active household.



What's not to love about this big bruiser of a boy? He is a brown tabby; look at those paws. 

Great eye set; reminds me of our 2023 show kitten, Duke, who is his full sibling.

Strong, strong boning; good ear set. Wide banding. 

*reserved for Alexander*

Our babies range from $2500-3000 for pet quality only; health is our top priority. We breed for health, structure, and temperament, and place on personality and fit. Our kings and queens are negative for HCM, PK Deficiency, and SMA as well as FELV/FIV; kittens go home no sooner than twelve weeks after appropriate socialization time with mom!


Namesake from an ancient Grecian water nymph, Perse is mystifying with her beauty; in the original myth, Perse married Helios and birthed Circe... foreshadowing future cattery plans.

Perse is currently under breeder observation as pick female; if kept, we will be showing her in the CFA Great Lakes Region via our dear friend, Austin Haas.

Playful, loving, darling-- she is Duke's full sister and can go to our sweet boy, Helios. 


* * *  Update: 9/26 * * *

We welcome serious and responsible inquiries! We currently have ​fall kittens looking for loving homes! (updated: ​9/26/2023)

Charlie and Morgana had 5 fall babies born on 7/9/23 and will be ready October 1, 2023. This litter has female kittens under breeder evaluation.

Sun O'er Sea's Zaros aka Hades is a Nyneve son. He is our very own black with white boy and he throws his amazing personality on his kids. A truly gentle giant. 


Born with a bum leg from the start, this little one has greatly improved with physical therapy.

Advisable to read up on swimmers' syndrome, if interested, which is prevalent in felines and certain breeds: cause unknown. There is no way to prevent its occurrence, but there are environmental and genetic factors.

Far more prevalent in the 1990s than now, but when it surfaces, we do what is best for our little ones. ​*reserved for Thomas*

July 7, 2023

We do have fall babies available; silver girls are under evaluation for breeder friends on our list. I have brown tabbies, brown and white tabbies, silver tabbies, silver patch tabbies, white, white shaded, and smoke for fall. All are healthy, and mamas and babies are doing well! Join us on the last of our 2023 journey.

Our Past Litters (2017-2022) click here.

* * *

Sun O'er Sea Maine Coons


In the battle with Severus Snape, Rowling's George lost an ear...

In the battle of kittenhood survival, our sweet George lost part of a foot...

This doesn't slow him down in any way and has since healed; nicknamed "no toes," George suffered an injury from early overgrooming by our young queen. A victim of circumstance, he survived.

We only accept inquiries from responsible and serious pet parents who are dedicated to the love and welfare of the Maine Coon cat and will treat our beloved babies as family members. We take our responsibility of breeders very seriously and thoroughly screen pet parents applying for one of our kittens.

We encourage those seriously interested to come see our cattery to meet the parents of the litter and their kitten. Cattery visits can be arranged by e-mail,, or phone: (724) 513-3640. While we approve flying a kitten on your person, we never ship kittens via cargo, which we find unsafe for our cats. We require all pet parents to visit our cattery on the day of pick-up. 

Our cattery evaluates our kittens for show and breed potential prior to placing with pet families and prices based on the following:

Pet Quality:A pet quality kitten does not mean a less healthy or less good-looking feline. Not all kittens are chosen by us for a show ring. Kittens with subtle physical differences in ear placement, shade, or pattern of coat do not make suitable show candidates. Our pet quality kittens are still of the highest quality and make beautiful and lovable family pets -- still representing the breed wonderfully. Unless you are a breeder or experienced in showing, it is very unlikely that you will ever notice the difference between show and pet quality. Our pet kittens are moderately priced, which reflects our kittens' outstanding quality.

Show Quality: These kittens represent almost all of the traits in breed standard. Representing years of hard work and careful selection of pedigrees, they meet breed standards equivalent to Champion and/or above show titles. Most all have good possibilities of higher ranking show titles. You may choose not to show your new kitten. However, we will assist you if you desire to enter a show ring.

Top Show/Breeder Quality: These cats meet and exceed the expectations for show possibilities and have the potential to carry the highest awards in show titles. In this case, we would keep this quality of cat to be shown and continue in our breeding program. These kittens are rarely sold and if considered for sale would be candidates only to qualified experienced breeders for show and breeding possibilities.