​Sun O'er Sea Cattery's Queen: Her Second Litter

Maine Lvrs Cthulu of Sun O'er Sea

       2020/2021 Upcoming Plans

We are now accepting inquiries for our 2019 and 2020 reservation list. Our much anticipated fall litters have begun arriving and we welcome serious and responsible inquiries! We anticipate the color possibilities of blue silver and silver! (updated: 10/09/2019)

Majestic Luv Mike

Pictures of the babies born
August 1, 2018 here. All reserved.

Maine Delite Nimue of Sun O'er Sea

Pictures of the babies born February 4, 2018 here. All reserved.

We only accept inquiries from responsible and serious pet parents who are dedicated to the love and welfare of the Maine Coon cat and will treat our beloved babies as family members. We take our responsibility of breeders very seriously and thoroughly screen pet parents applying for one of our kittens.

We encourage those seriously interested to come see our cattery to meet the parents of the litter and their kitten. Cattery visits can be arranged by e-mail, sunoerseacattery@gmail.com, or phone: (724) 513-3640. While we approve flying a kitten on your person, we never ship kittens via cargo, which we find unsafe for our cats. We require all pet parents to visit our cattery on the day of pick-up. 

Our cattery evaluates our kittens for show and breed potential prior to placing with pet families and prices based on the following:

Pet Quality:A pet quality kitten does not mean a less healthy or less good-looking feline. Not all kittens are chosen by us for a show ring. Kittens with subtle physical differences in ear placement, shade, or pattern of coat do not make suitable show candidates. Our pet quality kittens are still of the highest quality and make beautiful and lovable family pets -- still representing the breed wonderfully. Unless you are a breeder or experienced in showing, it is very unlikely that you will ever notice the difference between show and pet quality. Our pet kittens are $1,800, which reflects our kittens' outstanding quality.

Show Quality: These kittens represent almost all of the traits in breed standard. Representing years of hard work and careful selection of pedigrees, they meet breed standards equivalent to Champion and/or above show titles. Most all have good possibilities of higher ranking show titles. You may choose not to show your new kitten. However, we will assist you if you desire to enter a show ring.

Top Show/Breeder Quality: These cats meet and exceed the expectations for show possibilities and have the potential to carry the highest awards in show titles. In this case, we would keep this quality of cat to be shown and continue in our breeding program. These kittens are rarely sold and if considered for sale would be candidates only qualified experienced breeders for show and breeding possibilities. 

Our Past Litters:

Upcoming Plans for 2019: Sedna & Mike  
Updated: 10/08/19

Sun O'er Sea Cattery's King: First Litter Sired

Sun O'er Sea Cattery's King: Second Litter Sired

Sedna and Mike gave birth to eight beautiful blue-silver and silver kittens.
We have 5 boys and 3 stunning girls. They will be 12 weeks on
​October 27th, 2019. These babies are as stunning as their parents!

Rockstarcats Prince of Maine Lvrs

Our sweet boy will beginning his breeding career in 2020-2021. He will be paired with our young queens as our cattery moves into the next generation.

Zaros is the grandson of our matriarch, Nimue, and nephew of our patriarch, Cthulu. His father was a Grand Champion from nationally recognized lines and his health, temperament, and structure are exactly what we strive for in our cattery.

​Sun O'er Sea Cattery's Queen: Her First Litter
Pictures of the babies born
​July 8, 2017 here.

Grand Champion Maine Delite's Rooster's True Grit of Waggscoons

​Sun O'er Sea Cattery's Queen: Her First Litter

Majestic Luv Sedna of Sun O'er Sea

Sun O'er Sea Maine Coons

Sun O'er Sea's Nyneve

Maine Delite Nimue of Sun O'er Sea

Maine Lvrs Mora of Sun O'er Sea

Sun O'er Sea's Zaros

Pictures of the babies born November 7, 2018 here. All reserved.

Owner: Michelle Chaffee of Maine Lvrs

Father of Cthulu