Sun O'er Sea Maine Coons

She's the happiest cat we've ever had! She's fearless and never stops purring!

‚Äč--David & Suzie, OH

David & Suzie's silver w/ white girl, Dakota, OH:

At 4 months birthday Buddy was 8 pounds 4 oz., , playing lengthy games of fetch and continuing to eat voraciously.  Very playful, sleeping on his back most of the time which of course led to many tummy tickles...SO soft!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and again, thank you for such a well adjusted, friendly and happy kitty!  --Betts

Our little red boy, Buddy

We recently adopted a Maine Coon kitten from the Sun O'er Sea Cattery in Freedom, PA.  It has been the most wonderful experience to work with Beth and Nick and the best part has been our perfect kitten, SUKI.  We had never adopted a pure bred cat before and we are so thrilled with her temperament.  She is everything we could ever ask for, so loving, social, playful and quick to learn.  Beth has been wonderful in helping us with every question we had and going so far as to come to our home to show us how to give SUKI her first bath.  We would highly recommend adopting from a reputable breeder like Sun O'er Sea and will do so for any of our future adoptions.

Nancy and Larry Caughlin
Chagrin Falls,  OH.

Nancy & Larry's little brown classic w/ white girl, SUKI, OH

We care from day one and are always following our babies and love photo updates. Here are some updates of our 2017 litter with their families and some testimonials and experiences from our pet parents.

Our Brown w/ White Girl: Staying with Sun O'er Sea

Introducing Sun O'er Sea's Nyneve

Our little keeper, Nyneve

Our little brown girl, Suki

I'm sleeping with my new sister, Charlie!
I really love her and the deer! --Buddy

Our little silver girl, Dakota

Betts & Wick's red w/ white boy, Buddy, IN

2017 Kitten Gallery & Testimonials: Nimue and Prince's July 8th litter