Abigail Greene's Guide to Owning and Caring for a Maine Coon Cat.

One of the best sources of common care questions for the breed.

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Sharyn P. Bass (1983) provides a comprehensive overview of the breed and includes excellent information on health and care.

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This is THE book for cat breeding, Maine Coons included. I can't recommend it enough. If we do a breeder-specific course, this will be in the book list.

Walk with me through the history of the Maine Coon Cat as we visit the myths of our origins and turn back time to the first record of a MCO at a show in 1890s New York, USA. We will read excerpts from Simpson's The Book of the Cat (1903) showcasing the history of the Maine Coon Cat's development, view longhairs in the CFA Stud Books, explore feline genetics and foundation catteries of the breed in the decades following recognition, and view a list of distinguished merit cats (modeling briefly for breeders how to line-chase). We will also cover modern misconceptions and reassert the argument of the breed as a natural American breed. Included in the first unit of this class are lecture notes and archived breed histories.

Carol Himsel Daly's Guide to the Maine Coon Cat (1995) remains my personal guidebook.

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Marilis Hornidge's seminal work, That Yankee Cat (1986), later reprinted as The Yankee Cat, should be on the shelf of every breeder, veterinarian, and enthusiast.

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List of DM Cats for Line-Chasers: here
Maine Coon Catteries of the Past: here 

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Maine Coon Class: Preserving America's Natural Breed, A History

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