Sun O'er Sea Maine Coons

I am open to sending this little boy to a show home in premiere  class, in or out of region 4 of CFA. Otherwise, he will make a fantastic pet; he would be well-suited to therapy. 

He would do well in a household that entertains or can offer enough stimulation. 

​*reserved to Eronn*

Pick of the litter; star of the show.

We love Duke aka "Clone" with his beautiful mackerel bands; if we were keeping anyone this litter, he would definitely be in the running.

He is show quality, social, and fun; he loves Jack, the hound. 

Masika and Charlie had five kittens​ born January 29, 2023 that will be ready on April 28, 2023. All are currently reserved.

Dante is our resident snuggler; loves to watch movies in bed and game with friends.

Very social yet laidback; not an in-your-face kitten. Just loves to be held and has a lot of love to offer.

Does well with dogs.

​*reserved to Katie*


Masika gave birth to this beautiful dark brown mackerel tabby with white socks; this little one is a great little eater and is already one of the biggest in the pack!

Very talkative and playful; Dante has a phenomenal personality. 

Certainly one of the favorites.


This little one is a classic silver tabby with white. Charlie's spitting image, and Charlie, as always doesn't disappoint with his kids!

Inferno is all boy.

We're calling her Spitfire. This baby is all sass and is already the most social of the bunch; she is up close and personal with all that is going on.

*reserved to Ryan*

He would do extremely well in a house with kids. Very active, loves to play.

Mischief abounds; he loves balls of all sizes and wand toys. If he can pounce, he can play.

He loves to tackle his siblings and even gives Spitfire a run for her money.

*reserved to Shayne* 

This is Oso/Osa. He/she is reserved to a pet home where he/she will spend his/her days with his brother, Zorro.

His/her parents picked his/her name while on a trip in Argentina. 

*reserved to Ashley*