Sun O'er Sea Maine Coons

Sun O'er Sea's Morwenna

Sun O'er Sea's Morwenna

Sun O'er Sea's Morwenna is our loving silver patch kitten out of our matriarch, Nimue and our foundation male, Cthulu.

Morwenna is definitely Nim's daughter. She has her mother's stellar coat and structure and her personality as well! She has beautiful eyes.

She loves to play and enjoys her "morning zoomies," but she also loves to hang out in the window sill and watch the birds that fly by. 

Morwenna began her show career in region 4 of CFA, but soon decided that the bi-weekly grooms and travel wasn't for her. So she let her brother take the reigns and Stirling showed in her stead.

Morwenna adores being brushed/combed and loves her scratch posts and balls. 

She also meets company at the door and loves friends and colleagues who come visit.

Please contact us to inquire further about her spring 2024 litter. 

Maine Delite Nimue of Sun O'er Sea

OFA Hips, 2024
OFA Elbows, 2024

Annual echocardiogram, Feline Specialties, 2024

Morwenna: Drawing on the Power of the Waves

Morwenna's namesake translates to "white waves of the sea." She carries the grace and power of her mother, our Nimue, and has beauty that mirrors the light and dark contrast of the waves. She is a true delight and like her mother, is absolutely brilliant, a trait that we hope she will pass to her kittens.