Sun O'er Sea Maine Coons

Nyneve has a beautiful silver and white (sex: TBA) and another lovely little one whose color may be blue and carries white on August 26th.

Savvy is her stunning silver and white; if I needed someone to show, she (we think) would be it. Second kitten pictured below, next to Morwenna's baby. I gave Nyneve's second baby to Morwenna, her sister, to raise along with her newborn, so she could encourage the singleton to thrive. Nyneve's babies will be ready November 18, 2022.

These kittens will go home November 18, 2022. Born only four days prior to Nyneve's litter, they all grew up together and I feel go home at the same time; they will go home at 12 weeks & 4 days.

Morwenna, our stunning silver patch, had one kitten with Charlie.

Nyneve, our matriarch and Morwenna's half-sister, had two kittens with Charlie.

Silvie surprised us with four lovely kittens in her first litter with Charlie. Sexes will be confirmed at the vet, but we know that we have at least one boy and at least one girl. 

These kittens are full of personality like their mom. The silver is fearless; the patch is very loving. The red creme boy is a bit shy and would do very, very well in a calm environment or with a family where he would be the only cat and have lots of time. The brown is so sweet, keeping up with the big and fearless silver.

On September 24, 2022, Morwenna and Charlie had their first child, a beautiful brown tabby girl, a singleton.

Silvie, our silver patch outcross, had four kittens with Charlie.

Morwenna and Charlie are both from show lines. Unfortunately, this little one did not make it through her first week.

Zaros aka Hades, Nyneve's stud, has two kittens with Morgana so far, born 10/1/2022. Pictures coming soon!

Our 2022 Maine Coon Kittens