Our dear friend Robin of Mo Anam Cara gifted us two girls, Morgana and Sorcha in 2019. Morgana continues her breeding career in the cattery and she is a fantastic mother.

Sun O'er Sea's Maine Coons: Phase III (2019-2023)

Our Maine Coon Lineage: Showcasing Our Retirees

Sun O'er Sea's Maine Coons: Phase I (2016-2017)

None of Phase III are available at this time. Sorcha is no longer breeding in our program; Morgana will be going to a dear friend at the end of her breeding career.

Our happy, healthy cats wouldn't be possible without the worldwide network of breeders that are dedicated to the same mission as Sun O'er Sea. We produce happy, healthy Maine Coon kittens in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Sun O'er Sea's Maine Coons: Phase IV (2022-2025)

Sun O'er Sea's Maine Coons: Phase II (2018-2021*)

Sun O'er Sea Maine Coons

Nyneve, Sedna, and Morwenna

My foundation generation of cats began in 2016 with Maine Delite Nimue of Sun O'er Sea and RockStar Cats Prince of Maine Lvrs. We also purchased a queen, Maine Lvrs Mora of Sun O'er Sea, and a stud, CH Maine Lvrs Cthulu of Sun O'er Sea. Cthulu would go on to become my outstanding first king of the cattery.

Cthulu retired from the cattery in 2020. Mora and Nimue ended their breeding careers in 2019. None are available.

To keep genetic diversity, a breeder has to make tough decisions about who to bring in and who to retire from a program. Our friend Robin in WA gifted additional outcross lines that make up Phase IV of my program. We have currently, in Phase IV:





in V: 
​the youngsters:

Sun O'er Sea's Nimue and Maine Lvrs Prince produced CH Sun O'er Sea's Nyneve in 2017. Nyneve is my heart cat; she will never leave the cattery and she represents the best of my lines. She saw me through many changes in my life and has lovingly raised her grand-kittens in 2022.

Morwenna has yet to give us a litter, but she is every inch of Nimue's daughter and is in perfect health. She is spending a season with Charlie, our stud, Sedna's son. When she retires, she is already placed with my best friend from college.

Majestic Luv Sedna of Sun O'er Sea, the mother of many beautiful litters, including our wonderful stud, Charlie, and our maiden queens, Pip and Bella, ended her breeding career in 2021. 

None of our breeding cats from Phase II are available.