Sun O'er Sea Maine Coons

about Us: Maine coon cats in pittsburgh, pa & Tulsa, OK

Sun O'er Sea is a small Maine Coon cattery located just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (3 miles from Cranberry Township, Pa). We have a second house in Tulsa, Oklahoma within walking distance to the university (2019) where Beth is pursuing her PhD in English literature. We maintain homes in both states and are proud to have had pet parents in both Pennsylvania and Oklahoma for the last six years.

Since 2016, we breed for health, structure, and temperament and place on personality and fit. Our cattery is registered with the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA). We showed actively in the Great Lakes Region but are taking a brief hiatus due to Beth's degree program and dual residency. We are dedicated to preserving the health and temperament of these amazing cats and are committed to loving and celebrating the Maine Coon. As the future unfolds, the health and temperament of our cats will always be our top concern.

I founded this cattery after realizing my passion for the breed. It all began in 2005 when a small kitten wandered onto my family's farm. I named her Coco Marie and she was my loving companion for many, many wonderful years. When she passed, I looked into getting a Maine Coon to keep me company and fell in love. There is something magical about this breed that has captured our hearts. 

I only accept serious inquiries from responsible pet owners. I take my responsibilities as a breeder very seriously and work immensely hard to place my cats in loving forever homes. 

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​Please call us (724) 513-3640 and schedule a phone interview.

Nyneve, 2017 & Savvy, 2022

The Cat Who Inspired the Cattery:
​Coco Marie, 11 years

Morwenna, 2018: kitten 2022 

Sun O'er Sea's Maine Coon Cats: 
Healthy, Beautiful, and Bred to native AMERICAN standard

Nimue, foundation queen, at 9 months