No Retired Adults Available At this Time: Inquire if Interested

Retirees are priced at pet quality kitten prices unless otherwise stated.

      (August 2019)

These lovely ladies gave us beautiful kittens and wonderful additions to the next generation of our program. Nimue gave us Nyneve (from Prince) & Morwenna (from our foundation stud, Cthulu).

Mora gave us Thunderbear who we considered as a future stud but ultimately placed with a dear friend and their six kids. He was the sweetest boy but wasn't the direction we wanted for our program. Based on our complications from that litter, we retired Mora and her line.

‚ÄčNyneve, Nimue's daughter, gave us Zaros, 2018, who is one of the up and coming studs of our cattery. She has also given us Tony, 2023.


Queens Not Available 

CH Sun O'er Sea Stirling is a stunning 8-month old black-silver classic boy who has recently championed in CFA (10/13/18). Stirling has an in-your-pocket  personality and is a true combination of both his parents, Nimue and Cthulu! 

Stirling now lives with his mother, Katie, in California. He is enjoying his new home and we are loving the updates! 

You may inquire about which of our cats may soon be up for adoption and retiring from our show and breeding program. All retired show and breeding cats will leave Sun O'er Sea cattery spayed/neutered and with up-to-date yearly vaccinations.

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