Sun O'er Sea Maine Coons

Snow & Apollo 2023 Kittens

In the midst of all of the babies, Beth passed her comprehensive exams for her PhD in English literature, a test she had been studying for the last several years. This picture was taken the night before her exams. The entire crew had gathered to give her moral support.

We have Hades' 2023 babies! Morgana and Hades aka Zaros have produced beautiful offspring each season!

These babies are the largest we have ever produced; they are from an outcross European line and have been wonderful to raise. We have two girls and four boys.

Three are available.They will be ready on June 18th, 2023.

These are our last babies in spring/summer 2023.

Silvie unfortunately lost her singleton, which was heartbreaking; we had waited over a year for its arrival. Breeding isn't always easy.

Our second half of spring began with our lovely outcross Apollo sired his second litter with Snow, Red & Snow's Litter. Spring 2023 ended with Charlie and Morwenna's litter.

Our first portion of spring kicked off with Charlie and Nyneve's Litter, followed by Charlie siring a litter with a Nimue great-granddaughter, Charlie and Masika's Litter. Our lovely outcross Apollo sired his first litter with a Nimue great-granddaughter, 
Red & Pip's Litter

Spring 2023 Litters

​A Very Busy Season

Fall kicked off with the arrival of a second litter from Charlie and Nyneve. While we usually don't run our girls over 1 litter a year, Nyneve cycled particularly hard, and in fear of pyo, we opted to let mother nature dictate (with our vets' approval, of course). Thus arrived five healthy, happy babies: three boys and two girls. It was a joy raising Matthew, Nora, Ithell, Leo, and Orion. 

Masika and Charlie also welcomed a fall litter; Masika and Nyneve will both enjoy 2024 off since they both had two litters this year. Masika had six beautiful babies, and we ended up keeping a girl-- Perse.