Sun O'er Sea Maine Coons


What's not to love about this big bruiser of a boy? He is a brown tabby; look at those paws. 

Great eye set; reminds me of our 2023 show kitten, Duke, who is his full sibling.

Strong, strong boning; good ear set. Wide banding. 

*reserved for Alexander*

Charlie & Masika: July 7, 2023


In the battle with Severus Snape, Rowling's George lost an ear...

In the battle of kittenhood survival, our sweet George lost part of a foot...

This doesn't slow him down in any way and has since healed; nicknamed "no toes," George suffered an injury from early overgrooming by our young queen. A victim of circumstance, he survived.

*reserved for Steve R.*


This boy has a wonderful personality and is a charmer. He is wonderful and committed to his person/siblings; he looks after everyone.

My dear cousin wished to keep him, but we can't keep them all and we have plenty of boys. 

Highly recommended for a family with children and an active household.

​*reserved for Johnathon*



A  true mystery... his or her sex eludes us. Gorgeous brown tabby, originally sexed as a girl, and now we're thinking she might be a he.

Very expressive, very curious, LOVES to play.

*reserved for Heather; pick-up November*


Namesake from an ancient Grecian water nymph, Perse is mystifying with her beauty; in the original myth, Perse married Helios and birthed Circe... foreshadowing future cattery plans.

Perse is currently under breeder observation as pick female; if kept, we will be showing her in the CFA Great Lakes Region via our dear friend, Austin Haas.

Playful, loving, darling-- she is Duke's full sister and can go to our sweet boy, Helios. 



Born with a bum leg from the start, this little one has greatly improved with physical therapy.

Advisable to read up on swimmers' syndrome, if interested, which is prevalent in felines and certain breeds: cause unknown. There is no way to prevent its occurrence, but there are environmental and genetic factors.

Far more prevalent in the 1990s than now, but when it surfaces, we do what is best for our little ones. ​*reserved for Thomas*