Sun O'er Sea Maine Coons

We anticipate Mora & Cthulu's litter in November-December 2018. Our king and resident ham and this darling girl will give us the gift of sweet tempered, healthy brown tabbies.

Mora is our beloved brown classic girl, a gift from one of our dear mentors. She has an in-your-lap personality. She loves to please and will spend hours following us from room to room. Her favorite spot in our home is on the couch with us, curled up in her blankets. She loves to be petted and absolutely goes crazy for feathers. She has the famous dog-like personality for a Maine Coon, never aloof or uncaring. She wants to be with us at all times.

Mora: A Legend of the Sea

Mora's namesake translates to the star of the sea. She is truly our shining light where the heavens meet the ephemeral waters. Mora's name originated in the nineteenth century, the same as when the breed itself originated. Her look reminds us of the cats that started it all. Since her name does not stem for Arthurian legend and did not automatically have a legend attach, as a writer and scholar, I used my creative license and crafted a narrative that tells the legend of Mora. To read this narrative, please click here

The first picture of Mora & her best friend, Nyneve, is from when the girls are 7 & 9 months of age. The second picture are when both girls reached maturity. Nyneve is pregnant in this photo with her first litter and Mora is supporting her dear friend by lounging on their bed with her.

Mora is our sweetest queen and comes running when called, no matter what. Her favorite friend in the cattery is Nyneve and the two affectionately romp around the house, exploring and playing. These two are sisters from another mother, always into mischief and always together, the best of friends.

Maine Lvrs Mora of Sun O'er Sea

While Mora did not care to show, she does have an impressive lineage of grand champions and even a national winner (her grandfather: GC, NW Maine Lvrs King-of-Hearts). She looks a lot like her mother, Joy, and her grandmother, Grace. We're very excited to see how she continues to blossom as she ages and have enjoyed raising her through kittenhood.

N/N HCM Echocardiogram 2018-19 Ohio State University
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