Sun O'er Sea Maine Coons

Nimue: A Legend of the Lake

Nimue's namesake is the first Lady of the Lake in Arthurian legend, one of 3 ladies of the lake (a station in Avalon rather than a person). Like the sorceress that fell in love with Merlin and birthed the kingdom of Camelot, our Nimue is powerful, graceful, and has a beauty that belies an ethereal, magical realm. She truly delights and she is absolutely brilliant, one of the smartest Maine Coons we have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Maine Delite Nimue of Sun O'er Sea

Photo Credit: Mickey Cole, Breeder

N/N HCM Echocardiogram 2017-18 Ohio State University
N/N DNA HCM, PK Deficiency, PKD, SMA

Maine Delite Nimue of Sun O'er Sea

Maine Delite Nimue of Sun O'er Sea

Maine Delite Nimue of Sun O'er Sea

Maine Delite Nimue of Sun O'er Sea is the foundation queen of our cattery, courtesy of Maine Delite's Mickey Cole at the beginning of our breeding career.

We are so grateful to Mickey for entrusting us with this beautiful lady! Nim showed in CFA kitten class during fall 2016.

She has an amazing temperament and loves to cuddle. Her favorite pastimes are catching stars (a game where we throw a stuffed star, she chases it, and pounces), knock the stuffed animals off the cat tree, hide-and-go-boop (where my husband and I hide around the house, she hunts us, and taps us on the head/shoulder lightly, and then she hides), and morning zoomies.

Nim greets us each morning with chirps and trills. She loves water and will find any excuse to jump in if at all possible (or at minimum splash the humans around). She adores being brushed/combed. 

She also meets company at the door and loves the in-laws, siblings, friends, and colleagues who come visit.

Nimue is now retired. She produced two stunning litters and we have kept two beautiful daughters from her; she is the maternal grandmother to our up-and-coming stud, Sun O'er Sea's Zaros.