Sun O'er Sea Maine Coons

Our first to leave this litter-- pick-up is Sept. 30th for most--

​Orion is now Max Opossum Neely Wicket, and belongs to two amazing sisters who brought us a lovely chocolate strawberry cake upon pick-up.

July 2, 2023: oh, the brown tabbies!

Ithell: *reserved to Eronn as a therapy kitten*

This girl was under evaluation for the last several weeks, and while I was encouraged to keep her, the perfect fit found its way to us.

She will be a mini-Nyneve; her ear tips are two different colors; she LOVES to play and snuggle. Her personality is out of this world. I am so excited to watch her grow up and fall in love with a darling boy who truly needs her.

We can't keep them all; when they go home, I miss them dearly, but I am very fortunate to have selected amazing families who keep me updated throughout their lives, so I never truly lose them...

*reserved for Dave*

We've been on a Titanic binge around the house. This boy is super sweet and loves to cuddle. He enjoys playing with his siblings.  Very bonded.

He has the personality of a therapy cat. He will look like his big brother in type and color: Sir Anthony Bridgerton. 

He is also show quality. 

*reserved for Karen*

This little girl is a cool tall drink of water. She LOVES to play with her siblings; and don't let that expression of shyness fool you-- she RULES the roost in the pack and plays hard with her brothers.

She quickly overcomes her shyness and works hard at play! Very adaptable! 

Matthew *reserved for Jaime*

We've been watching Sahara a lot.

​This gorgeous BIG boy has a phenomenal personality and is really breaking out of his shell. He is the leader of the pack and loves to play.

He enjoys play-tackling his brothers and has the gorgeous green-gold eyes of his mother.

He will be a stunning brown classic tabby boy with very unique facial markings!

*reserved for Roberta*

Fun, active, playful, and big-- this boy has it all. He is a blast to play with; he loves toys and is very sociable.

He and Matthew (his brother) play like crazy. 2nd in command in the pack, he spends most of his mornings chasing and play-tackling the others. 

​He and Ithell can often be found bouncing off the walls after each other.