Sun O'er Sea's Sir Anthony Bridgerton aka Tony, also affectionately known as Tony Bologna by his dad. Our resident snuggler. A cowboy's cat. He's still too young to ride those wild horses, but if he's anything like his human daddy-- he's going to be in the saddle, tagging right along.

He's our future little king.

He rides in his daddy's pocket and spends a lot more time snuggling than fighting with his siblings.

Sun O'er Sea's King of Hearts.
(aka Zorro)

This guy should be pick-of-the-litter. He is a classic silver with no white despite his light facial markings (at this stage, we think).

He is a bruiser; right now, he is 70g above the rest of the pack. 

*reserved to Ashley*

Meet 2023's first Little Ladies: (updated: 2/7/2023) 

Sun O'er Sea's Sir Anthony Bridgerton says hello. 

He is a show quality brown mackerel with pencil-thin banding and a throwback to our retired stud, Cthulu. 

He is unmistakably a brown tabby with no white, and he has his daddy's body structure. 

​He is staying with us.

Sun O'er Sea's Starlight

This girl has just opened her eyes; she shines and is the most talkative in the little. 

The second largest girl in the litter; Starlight sure knows how to play and gives her brothers a run for their money.


The kids that hang out and nap in the bathroom. Starlight, back, is sleepily sprawled on her big brother; she has her mother Nyneve's markings. Her face is perfect symmetry.

Zorro is the class clown; he is fun, full of energy, and spends his time racing around the house. Naptime is a rarity and Ashley-- you're bound to loose some sleep over this little guy.

When he's not trying to scale walls or doors, he can be found being peaceable, playing with his siblings or napping, until he bunny kicks and it's off to the races-- all over again!

Meet Sun O'er Sea's Mr. Heartbreaker. This little guy is easy on the eyes, and hard on the heart. 

He is a pet-quality brown with high white and a pink nose. He is too young yet to tell personality.

He is one (we think) of three boys this litter and one of the biggest among his siblings.
​*reserved to Denise*

All 6 available pet kittens are reserved; Tony stays with us.

Meet 2023's first Little Lads: (updated 2/7/2023)

Sun O'er Sea's Queen of Diamonds.

This girl is exceptionally large and a beautiful silver; she is irresistible like the Eagles' song. Be sure to watch your heart because she'll be sure to love you.

*​reserved to Stacey*
​*potential therapy cat*

Nyneve and Charlie's 2023 Litter

Sun O'er Sea's Queen of Hearts.

This lovely girl is my female pick-of-the-litter. She is a classic silver with the perfect amount of white.

She is leading the girl pack, at this stage.

*reserved to Liz*

There's too much good to say about these girls!

Up top, you have Mischka Sue; she loves to play and gives all her siblings a run for their money. She is an avid climber.

Below, you have her sister, Hearts, who is a lover, not a fighter; she spends time daintily preening her coat and loves snuggles and attention.

Beneath the two, you have a snapshot of Alice. The smallest in the bunch; she is fierce yet mighty.

Sun O'er Sea Maine Coons

Photo Updates (3/20/2023)

He looks so handsome in camo! Heartbreaker is certainly a little man after our own hearts!

He has the prettiest face; although, he doesn't take kindly to being woken from his naps. 

​He is such a sweet boy and a quiet joy to raise.

Sun O'er Sea's Alice in Wonderland

This little girl is Alice; she is one of our smaller ladies, but she has a big heart.

She is quick to snuggle and loves to be held and she likes naps.

*reserved to Theresa*