Sun O'er Sea Maine Coons

CH Sun O'er Sea's Nyneve and GC Maine Delite Rooster's True Grit became the proud parents of six healthy, happy kittens (5 males, 1 female). All kittens are reserved.

Nyneve (mother) with son (left), son (second left) son (middle), daughter (third right), son (second right), son (right, tail under arm)

This little guy is the kindest little brown mackerel kitten. He loves to nuzzle and snuggle your hands and is most adventurous, climbing across the tent whenever he hears us coming!

This little boy is a high white brown tabby that is fairly laid-back. He is excellent with being held and doesn't fuss too much. It's the early days and I am excited to see him continue to grow.

This little man joins his active brothers and is learning how to walk. He's busy keeping pace in search of mum and has no interest in photos right now. He is sweet and laid back, but also on the move! 

This sweet, active little guy is a low-white solid black kitten, a rarity in our program. He loves to eat and is always on the go! He's won't stay still for photos!

This is our only girl in the litter. She is a warmer tabby (like her brother above) and she has a single spot on her back. She is the smartest in the group and keeps her watchful eyes on you. She's the first to know when you arrive and heads right toward you!

Kittens at Two & 1/2 Weeks

We swore we wouldn't, but oh yes we did! If you know us, you'll have heard the same mantra the last few litters (we aren't keeping anyone this time and they'll all go to forever homes), but we've never managed to stick to that as we continue to grow our program. At birth, this big boy stole our hearts and his pattern (not pictured yet) is breathtaking. Not only does he have phenomenal temperament and sleeps in our hands when he is too full with milk, but he has structure and a profile we just cannot pass up. I cannot wait to see how he continues to develop. He isn't going ANYWHERE but is staying with us as a future king for our cattery. We look forward to his show career and his kittens in our future. He's a solid black with high white. His parents carry solid and he is to die for! He is our keeper this litter. Name coming soon.

Nyneve (mother) with son (left), daughter (middle), son (right)