Sun O'er Sea Maine Coons

Sun O'er Sea's Nyneve

Introducing our sweet, playful queen, CH Sun O'er Sea's Nyneve. This little girl is a brown mackerel tabby with high white. She is our pick kitten from our 2017 litter and adores company, especially those who will pet her. She has the fantastic laid-back and sweet personality of her father and is whip smart like her mother. Great with children and dogs, Nyneve is wonderfully curious.

Combining a Love of Literature and Cats: The Legend of Nyneve:

Nyneve's namesake translates to the second Lady of the Lake, daughter of Nimue, which we found fitting. The Lady of the Lake in Arthurian legend is a mysterious sorceress that scholars continually debate as good or evil. We choose to read the sorceress according to modern adaptions. She is often described as pure and divine, which we feel fits our very, very special girl.

Sun O'er Sea's Nyneve

Nyneve completed kitten class in November 2017 and championed in 2018. We are immensely proud of her. She exhibits her wonderful personality not only at home but also at the show hall! 

Since Nyneve and Cthulu (our king) share a father, she is currently bred to GC Maine Delite's Rooster's True Grit who is also negative for HCM, PK Deficiency, and SMA and has structure and temperament that will benefit our cattery and the breed.

For inquiries regarding Nyneve's future plans, please contact us. 

More pictures? View Nyneve's slideshow below:

We guarantee all our cats and kittens to be negative of HCM, PK Deficiency, and SMA and as a commitment to transparency, which we think all breeders should have, we have decided to publicly post our results. We look forward to her kittens in August 2018.  Her kittens will go to loving pet homes in October 2018.